Nopal Tunisie is a family-owned company founded in 2005 leader in Opuntia ficus indica ( prickly pear ) ingredients .
We unlock the power of nature and transform cactus crops into ingredients and solutions for cosmetic, food and nutraceutical industries .
Today Nopal Tunisie has become the global leader in the production and export of organic prickly pear ( barbary fig ) seed oil and date kernel oil for the cosmetic international market..

At Nopal Tunisie we are deeply involved in sustainable development on many levels: environmental protection, social assistance for the local population, and the economic growth of the regions from which our raw materials are sourced.
We aim to be a global leader in producing and supplying organic and fairtrade ingredients from Tunisian local typical products sustainably sourced in a responsible way.

To provide innovative organic ingredients to the cosmetic, food and nutraceutical industries with a strong focus on local typical products such as opuntia cactus, pomegranate and dates.
We are committed to providing ingredients issued exclusively from organic certified products and according to the most up-to-date quality standards.
We have chosen the most widely recognized certifications.
These certifications offer our customers throughout the world the assurance of a high standard.
Nopal Tunisie, our mission

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